07 April, 2012

Bluetooth Low Energy prototype showcase - "iPhone 4S - Canon DSLR - Remote"

The last few weeks we have been working with some very cool Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy designs. Our prototype boards came in from the assembler about a week ago and we are happy to announce that they work perfectly :).

First the demo video of the iPhone 4S controlling the DSLR:

Why we thought this is a good idea?

  • Currently the DSLR remotes in the market are mostly directional.
  • Carrying an extra remote is always a pain when your phone can do better.
  • This adds extra functionality over a conventional remote by enabling you to program the camera into clicking automatic pictures.
  • App updates will be pushed via the Appstore to add extra functionality to the remote over time.
  • Depending on interest - we might open source the protocol in the future to connect to the DSLR dongle and you might be able to whip your own funky remotes.

Bluetooth 4.0 Proto-board with an Indian Ten Rupee Coin for size comparison.

Bluetooth 4.0 is amazing for us for the following reasons:
  • No extra hardware needed for iPhone 4S/the new iPad for connecting to the accessories.
  • No MFI license needed from Apple for producing these accessories.
  • The battery life on these accessories is amazing - a single coin cell can last for about 6 months. 

Our current proto-board along with our in-house software enables us to quickly put together neat accessories - It took us little over 2 hours to create a dongle for our Canon 400D to remote control the camera via an iPhone 4S [ The demo video took about 8 hours though :) ]

We are currently open for collaboration - If you have an interesting idea or want us to design something for you, get in touch with us at - [email protected]

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